Friday, October 16, 2009

Ben Eating....

As all of you probably know baby Ben likes to eat. And even though he is only 6 months old he is already eating quite a bit of solid food. For example those little baby puff bites, teether biscuits, the soft part of the bread that comes with a salad at Panera (that is one if his favorites). But the other day while eating his teether biscuit thing he looked like this....And of course everyone needs one of those baby photos with food all over the face.
And while Ben was eating (he eats all day long about once every other hour but sleeps all night so I am not complaining) the older two kids were being cute. Here is Brendan playing his DS that he got for his birthday & letting Maddie look over his shoulder to watch. What you can't hear in a photo was Maddie telling Brendan what to do like she had a clue then saying "Good job Big D!"
Brendan has a weekly spelling test now that he is in the first grade. He worked hard all week on learning all his spelling words and was really excited about getting a sticker on his test. So of course we had to put it on the fridge to show to Daddy.

Yes I have issues and here they come out. Madelyn gets to bring snack to her soccer game tomorrow and me looking for any excuse to use (and/or buy stamps) I will take it. So we (I use that very loosely here) made goodies bags for the after game snack. Her team color is red & on the back it sayes Go Bulldogs. Inside is a RiceKrispies Treat & a fruit snack pack.

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