Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Fun!!!

Okay, two weeks of updates all at once.
I took the kids to see a $1 movie but of course the AMC theathre that was showing it wasn't any of the 3 that are really close to us. So we made a day of it and went to the Rochester Museum after lunch.
Here are the photos from our visit.
The family farm that is now the museum was very forward thinking for the times, the women went to college and one was a doctor & the sister a teacher and her daughter was a vet who went on to make the family farm the largest dairy farm in the state. The family house. The center was original part of the house and the sides where added when the house was moved to this spot.

The remains of the dairy cow barn.
The dairy barn.

The calf barn.
This machine puts potatoes in the ground. The kids had fun guessing what it was used for. Brendan thought it might fly.
The bull barn with the bull runs on the back.
The kids playing on the play ground there.

We have also been going to see music in the park in a local city with Brian's friend. Here are the kids being good for once...hehe.
Brian thinking lady put the camera down & take your baby!!! Benjamin crying for once.
Madelyn being cute eating a ice cream sandwich.
The kids playing around of course.

Benjamin is really happy on his first trip to the 'boys' house.
Brian and the kids checking out the buffalo.
Brendan shooting my pink .22, he is a great shot with the scope.
Daddy taking his princess for a ride.

The other concert we went to, the hair was crazy but the band was great.

I took the kids to the zoo....
And we found Dinosaurs!!!
Here are the dino photos from the traveling exhibit...

(this T-rex was HUGE!, they had him ontop a hill and I couldn't get him & the kids in the photo together)
Digging for bones...

Ben was so excited he fell asleep...
Brendan and Madelyn getting to move the robo-dino.
The lazy tigers...
The lazy rinos...

Ben is now rolling over. Here he is going from his back to his belly. Of course once he gets to his belly he gets mad.

Cute smiles...
Big baby back...
And of course Brian. Once again this year I managed to get a load of wood dropped off so we can use our wood-stove for free heat. But at least this year Brian is not mad at me for getting hard to split wood. One more load like this and we will have enough for our long Michigan winters.

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