Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Camping Cont.

Here are the photos from my other camera of our camping trip.
Crazy kids at camp...My screened tent that I bought last year, first time out in use. I love & I know Brian will never say so but he likes it too.
Brian's tarp (brendan picked out the color) to keep things dry but also out of the truck or teepee.
We went to the Nature Center to hear a program on Toads & Frogs and this was the toad that they had. The kids also made origami frogs.
Brendan checking out the caterpillars, his kindergarten class also had some too.
Again with the weird things that boys do. We are in downtown Grand Haven for dinner with friends.
Here are two of Matt & Tracey's kids.
Here is the third, Brendan's new girl friend I think.

Daddy helping Madelyn push Benjamin to the ice cream shop. Yes it is cold out and yes the kids still want ice cream and of course I got one too!
Brian with one of our axes 'in action'.
How to build a fire 101. Of course I was not paying any attention as I was too busy taking pictures.
Here is one of our lovely axes.
In use again....
Our beginning fire and yes we had to have Slurpee's. Can't you see how hard we have it when camping (you did see our breakfast correct?)
Here are the horses at Matt & Tracey's house. Matt's dad - Cowboy Bob - lives in the pull barn and now has these two horses.
Cowboy Bob taking the kids for a ride.
Dylan taking a turn.
Dylan did let Brendan drive around too.
Benjamin given up smiles...

His serious face...
His Elvis lip (just like Madelyn on this trick)..
And of course since all of you know that July 4th was my birthday Brian was a sweet heart and went & got me a DQ ice cream cake. (Which was a HUGE hit with Brendan & Madelyn).

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