Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pancake Breakfast

This past Sunday we went to a pancake breakfast & maple syrup event at the local museum here. The food was good and the kids were on their 3rd breakfasts each!
But in addition to the good food we got to learn some cool stuff too.
Brendan got to learn how to 'tap' a maple tree to get the sap out to make the syrup.
Here he is in the steps..
Drilling a hole into the tree....(they put a round piece of wood in afterwards that acts like a band-aid and will heal the hole)Putting in the spile....Hanging the bucket to catch the sap...We also went on the same walk we went on last year at the Maple Syrup event.
Here we are learning how the Indians collected the sap & boiled it down the the maple sugar candy.Here Brendan is in the Maple tree area...Brendan & Madelyn by the dinosaur out front of the museum...

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