Monday, March 31, 2008

Camping in Savannah

Savannah Trip part 1.
Here is our first camping spot that we stayed at we had just over a mile & 1/2 hike in. The kids did great with the walk, and to Brian's surprise I was able to do the walk just fine with my pack on. (I even carried my pack & Madelyn out on Wednesday).
Our spot was right on the edge of a marsh so we had great views of water birds the whole time.Here is our Teepee finally in action.Brian and the kids walking out on Tuesday morning to visit a couple of tourist spots.To get to our spot you walked on a path that wasn't so kept up. (It looked like a hurricane had just gone through).We also had a water hole that filled in with the tides. (It would fill about late morning and empty out by late afternoon)

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