Monday, September 11, 2006

First Day of School

Here is Brendan's First Day of School at his new Pre-School, also the school that he will probably go to for Elementary as well.
I woke him up as Brian was making his first day of school breakfast, cinnamon Rolls. And he had his snack in his Batman Lunch box inside his Pirate Backpack and he was set to go. This school is a lot closer than the one last year just over a block and a half. So on nice days Maddie and I can walk to go pick him up. (I don't think that Brendan will be up for that much walking at 8 o'clock in the morning). School starts at 8:15 and we get buzzed in at 8:13 to put his bag and coat in his very own locker (they don't have locks) and I sign him in to class and they start out on the circle rug. And then class gets out at 11:15, again parents being buzzed in at 11:13. He likes his teacher and her aid, and there are lots of kids in his class so he should enjoy this school year. Here are some photos.

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