Friday, September 22, 2006


Brian always likes to do things with Brendan and mommy & Maddie don't want to be left out. So when he wanted to take Brendan to the park last night we just had to go too. Of course I thought that Maddie would take her after dinner nap on the way there and back. But I think that she knew where we were going. She really likes to swing right now. The whole time she has this big ol' smile on her whole face and her tongue sticking out half of the time as well.
Brendan likes to count to three and have us do an under dog (push him and then go under the swing) and he gets all giggle-ie when he gets to three. And of course I just have to tease him and either do it too early or too late. He never knows when I am going to do it. But of course he then has to tell me that I am doing it wrong. Oh well.

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Ashley said...

I hate to tell you Jennifer but if you threw a brown wig on that child she looks like my baby pictures :) And aparently I hear she has my toes and she squeals like me too :)