Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sittin' Pretty

Well Miss Maddie has mastered the art of sitting with no help. Boy, she doesn't know that she is just 5 months old. She is a very relaxed baby and on a very cute tight schedule. Here is a day in her live: wake up about 8ish, breakfast at 9, nap at 10, wake up about 11:30, lunch about 12:30 - 1 o'clock, nap at 2, wake up and snack at 4, dinner 5-6ish, nap at 6, wake up 7, eat and bed at 8 with a snack about 6 in the morning. Every day the same thing. It is kinda cute. Now Brendan on the other hand is just like me and will use every excuise in the book to try to stay up later past bed time.
But here is Miss Maddie sitting by herself. And playing with Brendan.

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