Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick - or -Treat

Brendan went Trick-or-Treating monday evening with mommy & daddy. He got so much candy that he said his bag was tooo heavy. Poor thing. So daddy started taking handfulls out and putting it into his coat pockets.
One of the greatest things about Halloween is when people decorate. And there is this one house that just goes all out. It is called the "Berkley Boneyard" and Brendan just loves going an visiting it weeks before halloween. And on halloween they have pictures taken with the vampire (who own's the house).And as for our pumpkin this year, we bought them early (on our way home from Westbranch). But didn't have time over the weekend before halloween to carve them. So mommy started cleaning and carving at about 3 in the afternoon on halloween, thinking that Brendan would wake up from his nap any minute now. He didn't, he miss the whole thing. Oh well maybe we will have more time next year. Oh yeah and extra help too.

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