Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween Party at School

On Friday night (10/28) Brendan's school had a Halloween open house. They had games to play for candy, a guy making balloon animals, hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy. We did not know if it was a "dress up" event, so we went with the safe option of dressing Brendan in his pumpkin shirt. Of course, everyone was dressed up, but Brendan has a dress up party today (Saturday) and of course, trick-or-treating on Monday. We figured that was enough dressing up. Here are some pics:

Brendan is picking out what type of balloon animal he wants.

Brendan gets a cool spiderman balloon man.

Brendan is just a crazy man on the moonwalk!

Brendan gets to meet a Tiger.

Brendan playing the football game. He didn't make it in the hole, but he has a pretty good arm. I guess all that pitching baseball to dad in the back yard is paying off.

Finally, Brendan gets a "bat" painted on his face.

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