Friday, October 28, 2005

Brendan & E-mail

Brendan's new favorite past time is to check his e-mail. And just the way he sayes it is cute, me checka my eee-mail. If you can picture that. We are going to have to get a dummy computer soon, ours is too smart to run all those children's computer games, I don't know why they just won't work on ours. But feel free to e-mail Brendan at, and he will write you back. You probably won't understand what he types, but he will write back.

Also Brendan is convenced that he "needs" an up/down bed (bunk bed) so this spring (after the snow melts & brian can play with all of his power tools outside) Brian is going to give in and build him a loft bed so Brendan will have his own space underneath since he will be getting a room mate in March. Only 20 more weeks to go. And 8 more weeks till Christmas. Happy shopping.

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