Sunday, January 22, 2006

Georgia Aquarium

While in Georgia we went to visit the new GA Aquarium, the largest in the world I think. I was blown away by the size (and crowd, jeez) of this building. We went and saw everything. There were different rooms that held different tanks, a coral reef, the whale sharks, otters, penguins, and lots more. Brendan got to touch a baby shark and sting ray, shrimp, star fish, and a couple other things. The whale shark in his tank. The glass viewing area was the size, if not larger than an Imax movie screen. And there was also a tunnel that you walked through to see more of the space and the shark up close when they swam over you. Their were two whale sharks and some hammer heads, saw nosed fish and a lot more that I have no clue what they were. Brendan was playing in the different child areas that they had set up through out the building. Papa Tatz went with him into all the areas as well, we just didn't know which one was going to be harder to get out, Brendan who didn't want to leave or papa Tatz with his back having to bend way down to fit into some of these places. But it was all fun and smiles for Brendan and papa made it out with no problems. :)

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