Sunday, January 22, 2006

Christmas In Georgia

Once again we drove down to Georgia to have christmas with Jen's family. And this year was extra special because Aunt Ashley was going to be there too with her boyfriend Mike. When we got to Georgia Papa Tatz had a load of lumber in his driveway because he was having a deck built in the back, but when daddy saw the pile he got all excited thinking that he was going to get to built something. But his bubble was busted when we found out their was a small crew (2 guys) doing all the work. Oh well maybe in the summer when we come down.But back to Christmas and opening presents. Brendan once again helped to pass out presents to everyone and he had Mount Everst going on in his pile. So we had him go first and open them all. That took at least half and hour and the kid is fast. But he got some cool toys: a large fire truck, a ton of little cars, a paint ball game for the t.v., punching bag and gloves, a movie, and tons more. Brian was all excited because he got enought in gift cards to Home Depot to buy some new power tools, and I got lots including some girlie bath stuff (now I just need help getting in and out of the bath). And of course their was some girlie baby stuff from Aunt Ashley who was the only one that new the sex of said baby.

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