Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brian's Blackberry

As most of you know Brian got a new blackberry. Lets just say I have a feeling I know what my Mother's Day present is going to be. (Since I know I can't get one until April 15th)

Well of course Brian's phone can take photos but now with his we can get them off the phone really easy and without having to buy any memory cards or anything.
So here are so photos from his phone:

We went up to Holly where Papa & Grandma Andrews were camping to have them watch the kids for a bit so I could try out our new canoe that we bought. Here are the older kids on a rock. They loved climbing up the rock. Our newest canoe on Brian's truck. (over the winter we have a trailer that he gets to modify to fit our canoes & some stuff)
Madelyn at a Robina Rhapsody concert.
Madelyn showing off some Power Ranger moves at one of Brendan's premier soccer practices. She of course has to wear her soccer gear for D's practice.
Big G-Man. At the same soccer practice. (it is hard to find baby soccer shirts but I found two - this is not one of them but looks soccer-ish)
I have no clue what she is doing. But I know we are at the zoo doing it.
Again no clue.
Oh still no clue.
Brendan doing the monkey bars - these really make you look like a monkey with the swinging you do.

On the frog outside the humm, the frog house!?! Ribbet, ribbet.
The kids being nice to one another and playing with D's leapster - I bought Maddie a couple of games so she is getting better at playing with it too.

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