Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ton's of Updates...

Okay you would think that with both Brendan & Madelyn at Vacation Bible School this week for 3 hours a day I would find time to get stuff done. Nope! Oh well. Finally here is a update that covers the last month. (well most of it anyway)

Brendan had his end of the school year picnic at Bacon park the day before school got out and here are some photos from it. I had a cake made by Cindy @ The Lunch Cafe for his class. (each student has their name written on a cone.)The class did a water balloon toss....
Brendan getting some final hugs in from some of his girls...(this one was his favorite this year & Madelyn's too)
Brendan with his teacher Miss Morrison....

On Brendan's soccer game the kids got to get the coach's with water balloon's. That was their favorite thing to do.
We had Father's Day at Papa's house a week before so Daddy could teach his class for the Solar Group. Here are the kids helping papa open his present because you know he can't do it himself. :)

Madelyn with her Ben.
The first Robina Rhapsody concert of the summer. These are put on by my Women's Club.
Brendan has the hula-hoop action going!
Daddy with Ben.
The kids helping daddy put up the teepee at the Great Campout! (we ended up taking it down again at about 7:30 due to rain drops starting to fall) (I do not camp in the rain unless I have too!)
Brendan fishing at the Bacon park!
Here we are on our GEO poker run.
Ben crying. (poor guy, tough life)
Madelyn getting to find out what her cards are.
Her poker hand, she ended up winning two tickets to either of Oakland County's waterparks.
Swimming at Mrs. Barb's house on Father's Day.
Both the kids swam for 2 and 1/2 hours straight!
Ben is his swim suit since I can't take his photo in the pool with out risking the camera.
More to come, stay tuned.

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