Sunday, February 08, 2009

Winter Update

We are still in the middle of our crazy Michigan winter here but at least this weekend we have had a slow thaw. (Which means we don't have water in the basement, yeah!!!) But alas, the fine warm weather will not last. It is suppost to snow on Thursday.

A couple weeks ago we went to check out the Metro Park - Indian Springs up near the Holly area. They have a cool nature center as well as a Discovery Center that they built with a tunnel under a lake. Here is what the lake looks like in the middle of winter with ice over the top of the lake. Here is the dome at the end of the tunnel, you can see the ice above us.
Along the side they have windows at the base of the building so that you can see the tunnel from outside so to speak. But you can't really see anything this time of year.
They also had a kids room with toys, books, coloring activities and such. Here they are trading each other for different animals.
And of course the kids wanted a photo with the snowmen. Now that I think about I should have put my belly in the third head, hehe. (won't be long now!)

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