Monday, October 27, 2008

Library's 80th Birthday

The Berkley Library is turning 80 this year! And one of the things that the Friends of the Library wanted to do was celebrate this big time. (I am also involved with this group).
So we planned a party for the kids & one for the adults.
The kids party was last Tuesday and we had a wizard come out to perform some magic for us.
This guy was great, the kids were laughing the whole time, the adults were laughing too.
Brendan even got to help for a couple of tricks too. (No I did not tell him ahead of time that I had kids at this event) (Also I had Brendan wearing my girlfriends campgain tee-shirt, extra plug there too.)

Here are the photos of Brendan:

After the magic show all the kids got to put sprinkles on cupcakes, juice boxes & goodie bags. After the mess made by the cupcakes I don't think that the library is going to let us have opened food again for the kids!

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