Friday, December 14, 2007

BJWC Tree Lighting

My girls club had it's City Tree Lighting on Saturday, December 1st. Santa arrived at the end of the Holiday Parade on a float covered with lights & the reindeer were lifting up starting to take off!
But being that I was the one to speak in front of everyone I didn't get any photos of that. And to top it off the minute Santa's float pulled out onto Twelve Mile it started to snow! They were those big fat snow flakes too. So last minute we moved Santa's chair to the Police house in were the fire trucks are kept. (They were out since we had all 3 in the parade.)

Here are the photos:
Me talking....(hum, don't do that much do I?)Brendan telling Santa what he would like for Christmas....Brendan taking a photo with Santa...Maddie thinking of talking to Santa...(she wasn't quite sure of him)

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