Thursday, February 23, 2006

All About Brendan

While we are getting ready for Brendan's little sister to join us we are also taking time to be with Brendan and to be sure that he is prepared for his little sister's arrivale. So we took Brendan to a Big Brother/Big Sister class at the Hospital where we will be having the baby. Brendan got to tour the floor and see what the rooms look like, look at the nursery and also see the baby's up close at the nursery window. Back in the class room all the children got baby's to pratice holding, feeding, changing, and wrapping up their baby's. Brendan was able to change his baby with very little help but his baby was dropped a couple of times, this we will have to remember.

Also later this Spring Brendan is starting to play soccer with one of his friends that we know. So there will be plenty of photos coming from that. Brendan has the whole list of what he needs to buy all set: shoes, socks, pads, a ball, and shorts. He came up with all of that on his own. I did have to tell him that he didn't need a new shirt because he will be getting one from his coach.

Will keep you up dated on the progress of baby. Keep those phones handy.

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