Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Feast Day

Yestorday was Feast Day in Brendan's pre-school class. The dad's had to wear black pilgrim hats while the mom's wore white collars and kids were dressed as indians. It was so cute.All the children stood on their circle time rug and put on a little show for all the parents. Now you know Brendan and you can probably guess where he stood, right in the center in the very front.The children preformed a couple of songs and then we had our feast, every child (or parent as the case mostly is) brought a small snack item for the feast. We had juice, popcorn, raisins, cheese cubes, crackers, turkey slices rolled w/tooth picks, veggie tray w/dip, brownies, and pumpkin pie to name a few. Brendan had a great time and can even say cornucopia.

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